Lead Generation: Are you using B2B marketing analytics?

by Rick Volz on February 4, 2010

Rick Volz, B2B Practice Leader

Rick Volz

Certainly, lead generation has value and should be an element of every sales and marketing organization.  However, “leads” come in all shapes and sizes.  They come from traffic generated at a trade show, from a web visitor downloading content from your website, from a direct marketing campaign or from a web seminar, among other efforts.  Yet, some of those “leads” are simply your competitors trying to find out what you are up to.  Other “leads” are companies that you cannot afford to sell to due to their limited budgets.  And still others are just interested in the topic with no project in mind, or authority to act.

What if?

What if, you could identify and prioritize the best possible opportunities among your entire addressable universe of customers and prospects?

What if you knew, for each of your product lines, which customers and prospects were most likely to buy?

What if you knew, before attacking a new market, which accounts to align your resources to in order to achieve the biggest impact?

You can…

It’s a challenging, yet simple concept, really.  Begin with your customer and prospect data and add targeted  3rd party data with firmographics and apply B2B analytics.  Just as has been occurring in the B2C market for years, B2B companies should consider applying scientific means to a sustainable and repeatable approach supporting sales strategies to increase customer and market share.

The opportunities to apply marketing analytics go beyond helping the salesperson to know which accounts to focus on – sales managers can use the insights derived from analytics to build sales plans and staff territories based on the predictability and likelihood of sales. Likewise marketers can focus their efforts on the products and markets providing the most potential, therefore becoming laser-focused in their initiatives.

Get results.

Using this approach, some B2B companies have seen year-over-year market share growth of 30%, sales productivity increase 50% and business attrition decrease 40%.  These type of results can mean that your B2B marketing analytics delivers the highest ROI of any marketing activity – by far.

About the Author:

Rick Volz is a Business-to-Business Practice Leader for SIGMA Marketing Group, responsible for thought-leadership and business solutions in the B2B market.  Follow Rick on  or connect with him on .

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Lead Generation: Are you using B2B marketing analytics?

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