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The Social Media Bandwagon Has Become a Supersonic Jet.

As a Social Media marketer with SIGMA Marketing Group, I am still amazed when I meet business savvy folks who have not yet adopted social media usage in any way, shape or form. There are varying degrees of usage and unique formulas for different business types and vertical markets, but I don’t care who you are… Social Media is here to stay, and will continue to evolve rapidly. I recently wrote an article on social media usage by industry, which focused primarily on B2B Social Media, but it provided some interesting insights about what industries have adopted social.

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Social Media Use by Job Function Stats – Indicates Need to Change.

As companies continue to evolve in social media, so must the number of employees inside an organization continue to increase social media usage. This is not to say that all employees should be updating their Facebook status 20 times per day, but there are some socially acceptable activities that can impact your social networking efforts, that all level employees can contribute to.

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B2B Social Media Landscape Appears to Be Wide Open

As I’m reading the “Fall 2010 Social Business Report” from NetProspex, I find that my biggest assumption about social media in the B2B space is entirely true. We can all agree that social media is still an emerging multi-channel, multi-faceted medium for marketing communications. We can further agree that while there are experts out there, we are all still learning what works and what doesn’t. Currently working in the B2B social space myself, I have come to believe that many (or most) B2B companies have not grasped the relevance nor the value of social media usage as it pertains to their business.

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A new study finds consumers active on Twitter are three times more likely to impact a brand’s online reputation through syndicated Tweets, blog posts, articles, and product reviews than the average consumer.

“Relationship Marketing” Is More Than Just a Buzzword from 2008… It’s a Necessity!

What exactly is relationship marketing? Is it just another buzzword to add to our list of ever growing terms for how we justify new marketing efforts, marketing budget transition and, shift in strategy? According to Marketing-Jive – it did not make the 2010 top marketing buzzwords list. It was, however, on the top 100 buzzwords list for 2008. Is it a thing of the past? My belief, with the explosion of social media is that relationship marketing is no longer the strategy, but rather the end goal.

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How Complex Is Your Communications Landscape?

The market will continue to invent new ways to communicate and, therefore, new channels for marketing to master. The flexibility of a multi-channel tool to adapt to new channels will be a key factor in the success or failure of marketing initiatives as the communication landscape continues to evolve.

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Being Small Is Cool Again.

With the changes taking place in marketing today, there’s no better time to be small and agile. In fact, small marketers are “cool” again because nimbleness is the number one skill to overcome more marketing channels, new technologies, a changing consumer, expanding markets and all of the other forces shaping the world of Marketing 2.0.

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The Future Is “Tradigital”

Media consumption changes are blurring the boundaries between the old and the new, as TV viewing is either delayed or online; print now offers it’s content in print and digital form; and online activities are leveraged for both online and offline sales goals. Once you controlled the conversation, now you are part of the conversation.

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Should You Listen When Choosing a Listening Platform?

We’ve come a long way from the traditional clipping services. Social listening platforms are on the rise, and continue to improve and evolve. To purchase a solution based solely on price tag and other user’s opinions of the tool would be foolish. Remember that while other users are getting exactly what they might need out of one solutions, their needs may greatly differ from yours.

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What Does Engagement Really Mean?

Social Media as a category is certainly a communications enabler–a series of channels really–but it’s only one of many ways to engage with your customers and prospects. What’s important is understanding how your customer wants to be communicated with and choosing the communications medium that’s appropriate to the customer/prospect and to the particular message being delivered.

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