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Understanding the Five Customer Relationship Stages to Full Engagement With Your Brand

As our clients juggle new channels, new technology and new media, we realize that their relationships with their customers and prospects have to be 24/7 and “always on”. How we help them with Analytics, strategy and marketing technology today really goes beyond just the marketing process, but helps them deliver a consistent and relevant brand experience across the entire consumer relationship.

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Customer Engagement: A New Spin on Customer Intimacy

A while ago, one of my advisors challenged me to read an old business book, The Discipline of Market Leaders, by Treacy and Wiersma. It was first published in 1995, and I didn’t think it had much relevance to today’s fast-changing world of marketing strategy. So it wasn’t until recently, when I was stuck on a 10 ½ hour flight, that I opened the book. The book detailed three dimensions of competitive strategy: value leadership, product leadership and customer intimacy. And it was in the latter section that I was astounded by something written 15 years ago and what I perceived as a foreshadowing of today’s enthusiasm for customer engagement.

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How Much Are Your Customers Worth?

As marketers, we have heard about it for years: It is important to understand the total value of your customers over the “lifetime” of their relationship with your brand, product or service. Makes sense, right? Why would you not want to understand the total impact a loyal customer can have on your acquisition and retention efforts based on this calculation? However, a great number of marketers we speak to still overlook future revenue opportunities by not recognizing the true lifetime value of current customers. Even though quite a number of companies can recognize differences among customers’ loyalty over a lifetime, they are often unable to quantify or act on those differences.

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“Relationship Marketing” Is More Than Just a Buzzword from 2008… It’s a Necessity!

What exactly is relationship marketing? Is it just another buzzword to add to our list of ever growing terms for how we justify new marketing efforts, marketing budget transition and, shift in strategy? According to Marketing-Jive – it did not make the 2010 top marketing buzzwords list. It was, however, on the top 100 buzzwords list for 2008. Is it a thing of the past? My belief, with the explosion of social media is that relationship marketing is no longer the strategy, but rather the end goal.

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He Has a Great Personality Online. Why it’s imperative for marketers to merge online and offline behavior data

As digital communication becomes pervasive, people are cultivating their personalities online, and they aren’t always the same personalities displayed offline. An entire generation of the digitally sociable are far more comfortable online than in real life. What does it mean for marketers when your customers’ online personalities and their real life selves are total opposites?

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