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New Agency Skills for New Times Or The 3 Cornerstones of the Digital Age

I believe there are three cornerstones to Marketing 2.0: 1) CRM/data, 2) web analytics and 3) digital/social marketing skills including merging online and offline data. Who has these skills? These capabilities are provided to clients in a hodge-podge of services in what Forrester calls a “web of confusion.” As marketing services providers, ad agencies, interactive agencies, technology providers and direct marketing firms all start looking alike, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for clients to tell us apart. So much so, the CMO study states, that one solution for marketers is to start bringing these skills in-house, either by training existing staff or hiring new ones.

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What is Social CRM? The Differences between CRM and Social CRM

Traditional CRM projects are not adapting to the new relationship-driven model of social media. While CRM started out with the goal of 1:1 marketing, it is mainly focused on automating tasks, improving reporting, and staging triggered marketing communications. It has not supported the need of marketers to manage social relationships.

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The Death of the Customer Database?

For many years, firms have let their own intuition about “business value” guide their investment in, and development of, database systems that record their knowledge of their customers’ experiences. Concerns about the accuracy and data quality within these systems have largely been calmed by layers of data governance and good MDM (Master Data Management) practices – especially when a concerted push toward CRM is in play.

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Analytics by every other name… Have B2B Marketers watered down the idea of Analytics?

From the buzz at a typical industry trade show, you could get the impression that everyone has reached the pinnacle of achievement – optimized marketing analytics. Once you scratch a little deeper, the reality is a much less mature marketplace than appears at first glance. We really need to break through the buzz word clutter, define best practices in analytics, and talk about a new way to do business in the B2B market – adapted from our B2C colleagues who are often using very sophisticated marketing analytics.

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