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Understanding the Five Customer Relationship Stages to Full Engagement With Your Brand

As our clients juggle new channels, new technology and new media, we realize that their relationships with their customers and prospects have to be 24/7 and “always on”. How we help them with Analytics, strategy and marketing technology today really goes beyond just the marketing process, but helps them deliver a consistent and relevant brand experience across the entire consumer relationship.

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Tour de France Sponsorship – Can It Win the Marketing Race?

Through the use of marketing analytics we help our customers target at a much more granular, and profitable, level than a sponsorship of a team or event. Forget broad demographic categories; we help our customers target based on hundreds of variables and identify those prospects that have the highest lifetime value.

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Rx for Your Web Analytics

Do you remember in business school when you were presented a case study and there were always detours called “symptoms” which really weren’t the underlying issues but instead pointed you to the real problem? That’s what we have here. This inability to measure ROI for online channels is a function of the lack of skilled web analytics resources and not an inherent problem with web analytics.

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