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8 Tips to Improve Campaign Landing Page Conversion

Are you running campaigns that are getting a decent click through rate, but no conversions? Are you running campaigns that don’t really deliver? You might want to consider these 8 tips to improve landing page conversion.

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Evaluate Your Marketing Campaign With Analytics BEFORE You Launch It. (Part 2 of 2)

Let’s say your campaign has launched on schedule and successfully. You have reached the finished line! This is the time to thank your marketing analytics, operational partners and account services coaches for helping you define, plan and execute. Now imagine yourself sitting in your comfy office chair, with your Starbucks Coffee, as you review your very own online dashboard which displays your multi-channel campaign results on a daily basis! Your coaches also will be there to help offer best practices, and what you need to work on for your next campaign.

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Why ROI Measurement Is So Elusive

Definitions for Marketing ROI abound, but the pressures to achieve it have increased to fever pitch across all channels and marketing specialties. Why? One reason may be that with all the new marketing technology tools―with their claims of incredible measurement capabilities blasted to your in-box daily―the real complexity of getting to ROI has become washed over. Expectations have been raised. You need to figure it out.

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Forrester Survey Says Today’s Campaign Management Tools Will Soon Be Extinct

There are three types of companies that are converging to deliver integrated campaign management solutions. Some vendors are marketing specialists like Alterian, Aprimo, and Unica. A second group is data and analytics specialists such as SAS and Teradata. Enterprise application providers (Oracle, SAP) make up the final segment. Forrester’s report said that no single vendor, or segment of vendors, is delivering systems that are comprehensive enough for multichannel marketing and program management.

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Database Marketing Assessment : Campaign Management

As we’ve been discussing in these Marketing Assessment posts, our first approach with new clients is to understand their business with a Five-step Maturity framework that ranges from basic to sophisticated – we hope to objectively rate where a client’s database marketing expertise falls on a scale of 1-5 and we provide a score and a roadmap for organizational improvement. Let’s look at some of the questions we ask when it comes to Campaign Management.

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