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Why ROI Measurement Is So Elusive

Definitions for Marketing ROI abound, but the pressures to achieve it have increased to fever pitch across all channels and marketing specialties. Why? One reason may be that with all the new marketing technology tools―with their claims of incredible measurement capabilities blasted to your in-box daily―the real complexity of getting to ROI has become washed over. Expectations have been raised. You need to figure it out.

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Customer Profiling: Understanding Your Financial Services Customer

Whether you’re a bank offering deposit products, an insurance company offering income protection or an investment house responsible for retirement planning, it is critical that you have a better understanding of your customers. This will help put you in a position to provide better service, retain those customers and grow the existing relationship.

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Hitting Growth Goals by Targeting Existing Customers

Retention models can identify those customers most likely to leave. Cross-sell models can be used to identify which customers have additional resources to spend, allowing you to get a bigger share of their wallet. Lifetime value models can help you prioritize your efforts on those customers that will be the most profitable over the long haul.

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Analytics by every other name… Have B2B Marketers watered down the idea of Analytics?

From the buzz at a typical industry trade show, you could get the impression that everyone has reached the pinnacle of achievement – optimized marketing analytics. Once you scratch a little deeper, the reality is a much less mature marketplace than appears at first glance. We really need to break through the buzz word clutter, define best practices in analytics, and talk about a new way to do business in the B2B market – adapted from our B2C colleagues who are often using very sophisticated marketing analytics.

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