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The Web Content Management Maturity Curve

Web content management started as a nearly-exclusive responsibility of IT, the website group, or the agency responsible for digital publishing. Under the optimization phase, marketers are taking a more significant role in the management of content, with 36% taking an active role content authoring. This combined with the growth of the use of WCM to support marketing initiatives, has the marketing function with a significant stake in WCM technologies for the foreseeable future.

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A Hyper Digital World Still Leads to Offline Cash Register Sales.

Just as web analytics grew from measuring hits to ever more sophisticated metrics, the ability to escape the world of hits is now the Holy Grail, to attribute that online activity blanketing the world in ones and zeroes with the actual individual souls who make the decisions with human interactions using complex and intricate data management practices aligning digital channels of all stripes with offline – dare one say, real-world experiences.

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Web Analytics Forecasted to Grow at Rapid Pace

Today, web analytics may play only a small part in how you develop your marketing strategies and understand your customers. However, with exceptional predicted growth in the web analytics industry and the development of powerful and affordable tools, web analytics is going to play an increasingly bigger role in developing your marketing strategies and campaigns.

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Playing Nicely in the Same Sandbox

Forrester released their new study this week on The Future of Agency Relationships.* In a nutshell, Sean Corcoran, the lead analyst on the study, proclaims that marketers will need to lead their agencies to make changes in order to cope with the rise of social media, new marketing channels and a sputtering economy. For those of us who work for agencies or marketing services and analytics firms, the implication is pretty clear: we’re either not smart enough to change ourselves or we’re so bogged down in what we’re currently doing that we’re unable to change our own companies. Our clients will have to do it for us.

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