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The Secret Sauce for Successful Marketing Campaigns

As the practice of marketing analytics is making a name for itself, and businesses are starting to catch on that they’ve been capturing all this great customer information. These same businesses are now starting to realize they should consider using it! If you are using predictive analytics to target your marketing campaigns, you should be seeing improvement in response rate from versus older campaigns where no predictive analytics were available. It is still common practice to send email campaigns or direct mail pieces to every contact in your list, hoping that mass distribution will lead to higher volume of responses.

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1Q Check-In: Winterberry’s Predictions for 2010

In January of 2010, Bruce Biegel of the Winterberry Group gave his predictions for 2010 to the Direct Marketing Club of New York. I thought it would be interesting to do a first quarter check-in to see if what I’m seeing in the marketplace is representative of his predictions.

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He Has a Great Personality Online. Why it’s imperative for marketers to merge online and offline behavior data

As digital communication becomes pervasive, people are cultivating their personalities online, and they aren’t always the same personalities displayed offline. An entire generation of the digitally sociable are far more comfortable online than in real life. What does it mean for marketers when your customers’ online personalities and their real life selves are total opposites?

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