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Multi-Channel Marketing

Should You Listen When Choosing a Listening Platform?

We’ve come a long way from the traditional clipping services. Social listening platforms are on the rise, and continue to improve and evolve. To purchase a solution based solely on price tag and other user’s opinions of the tool would be foolish. Remember that while other users are getting exactly what they might need out of one solutions, their needs may greatly differ from yours.

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What Does Engagement Really Mean?

Social Media as a category is certainly a communications enabler–a series of channels really–but it’s only one of many ways to engage with your customers and prospects. What’s important is understanding how your customer wants to be communicated with and choosing the communications medium that’s appropriate to the customer/prospect and to the particular message being delivered.

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Let Them Eat… From the Distributed Marketing… Cake!

Distributed marketing is a powerful concept and capability allowing the corporate marketing organization to develop campaigns in support of enterprise business goals, maintain the brand’s images and messaging while enabling a local flavor to the organization’s marketing execution. When I think of Distributed Marketing, a couple things come to mind.

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CIO to the CMO – "Get Smart Fast!"

Call it “the new marketing ecosystem,” “Marketing 2.0,” or “Marketing’s New World Order.” Whatever terms used, it’s clear that CMOs need to play an increased role in the technology future of their companies and continue to evolve their tech literacy rapidly to keep up with the continually evolving technology of our current marketing environment.

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Will Corporate Silos Slow Multichannel Marketing? Part 1: 4 Problems with Online and Offline Data

It seems the common refrain these days is “I can’t get the data because it’s housed somewhere else.” Houston we have a problem . . . but are these corporate silos such a bad thing? They are if our goal is to get a complete picture of the customer so we can implement relevant, multichannel marketing programs. Granted, online marketers are all about dialogue and exchanging meaningful information, but once a potential customer raises her hand and says “I’m interested,” then incorporating every piece of data will help us close the sale. And, after all, isn’t this what we’re still trying to do?

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