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Web Analytics: Understanding the Real Value of Online Conversions.

Nobody loves numbers more than your boss. Except his or her boss. Oh, and your boss’s boss too, unless you’ve already reached the top of the totem pole. Web analytics tools are at their most powerful when you can interpret and integrate the numbers they provide—the rapturous layers of percentages and pie charts—with what happens in the context of your organization’s business, outside the world of site visitor data. Did you get all that? In two recent SIGMA web analytics engagements, the key to the findings wasn’t was happening on page 27 of the site, or who was coming from Google. The key was to find the magic number—the value of what the online conversion or successful engagement meant to the company.

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Web Analytics + Customer Voice = 20/20 Vision.

In the age of tweeting of every customer’s every impulse, and the power of exquisite multivariate tests generating thousands of permutations, there is no shortage of data inputs that can drive a business’s reactions to, well, nearly everything.

Web analytics is a balance of a number of different disciplines, but unlike a #16 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament, it’s never one-and-done. A recent web analytics engagement put the spotlight on an outcome when the results of multivariate testing conflicted with what came next.

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Is Web Analytics Alone Enough to Understand Your Web Interactions?

We’ve discussed this at length in previous posts… Perhaps the fact that we keep bringing it up my elude to the fact we believe this to be critical to marketing successes in the future. The Web Analytics Association defines web analytics as “…the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage.” From a web design perspective, that’s an appropriate description. However…

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Web Analytics 2.0 – It’s Not All About the Web.

By now, most marketers have embraced the digital channel and the fact that a majority of consumers are spending a significant amount of time playing, researching, transacting and communicating on the web. According to Advertising Age’s 2010 Digital Market Facts (Feb 22, 2010), Internet spending as a percent of all U.S. marketing spend is estimated to be over 20% by 2012.

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Web Analytics Opt-out: Is It the Beginning of the End of Web Analytics?

When Google announced on their blog that they were releasing a browser add-on that gives web surfers the choice to opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics, a few confused marketers commented that they thought this would lead to the end of Google Analytics as we know it.

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Ruthless Environment Requires New Ways to Attract & Retain Customers.

The future of customer intelligence is going to be built on web analytics and how we use and share information. To optimize your multichannel strategies and develop the most comprehensive view of your customer, let web analytics drive your customer intelligence.

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Web Analytics Forecasted to Grow at Rapid Pace

Today, web analytics may play only a small part in how you develop your marketing strategies and understand your customers. However, with exceptional predicted growth in the web analytics industry and the development of powerful and affordable tools, web analytics is going to play an increasingly bigger role in developing your marketing strategies and campaigns.

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Rx for Your Web Analytics

Do you remember in business school when you were presented a case study and there were always detours called “symptoms” which really weren’t the underlying issues but instead pointed you to the real problem? That’s what we have here. This inability to measure ROI for online channels is a function of the lack of skilled web analytics resources and not an inherent problem with web analytics.

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Social Media Analytics — The Next DEWmocracy?

Web Analytics Demystified provides objective strategic web analytics advice to companies striving to realize the full potential of their investment in web analytics, while Altimeter Group is a research and advisory firm that provides companies with a pragmatic approach to disruptive technologies.

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New Agency Skills for New Times Or The 3 Cornerstones of the Digital Age

I believe there are three cornerstones to Marketing 2.0: 1) CRM/data, 2) web analytics and 3) digital/social marketing skills including merging online and offline data. Who has these skills? These capabilities are provided to clients in a hodge-podge of services in what Forrester calls a “web of confusion.” As marketing services providers, ad agencies, interactive agencies, technology providers and direct marketing firms all start looking alike, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for clients to tell us apart. So much so, the CMO study states, that one solution for marketers is to start bringing these skills in-house, either by training existing staff or hiring new ones.

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