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Sales Enablement 101 – Getting Started.

Taking sales force to the next level will alway require management buy-in. Sales Enablement dashboards and toolsets are certainly available, but there is an investment that goes along with that. Selecting the right vendor who will look inside your sales organization and create a unified view across all customer data is key. If you need to help your management team buy-in to this sales methodology, be armed with case studies and success stories, whether you work with a B2B or B2C sales organization. This is a new frontier, and you are fortunate to be on this side of it.

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Distributed Marketing: An idea whose time has come for Technology Marketers

Distributed Marketing is a concept for delivering automated marketing services to small- and mid-sized businesses, resellers or other sales/service channels through a larger marketer who would act as a centralized enabler of data, analytics and technology.

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Sophisticated Data Modeling and Analytics Lead to Better Marketing Metrics

Marketing professionals need to track and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing programs. Best practices align marketing activities, strategies, and metrics with business objectives. Creating a framework to track and measure marketing performance is critical in today’s marketplace. Marketing metrics focuses on measuring, managing, and analyzing performance to maximize effectiveness and optimize marketing ROI. Three elements play a critical role in managing marketing performance; data, analytics, and metrics.

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The Sales Optimization Portal: A Critical Tool for Technology Marketers

For years there has been a huge chasm between marketing and sales when it comes to applied analytics. Marketing typically hired analysts to build predictive models to make direct mail and email programs more effective. But the findings of these models were rarely ever shared with Sales – and they were even more rarely turned into actionable programs for the sales teams.

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