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Can Lead Generation Become More than “Frosting and Cherries?”

I recently called on a client and he described his vision of lead generation as “frosting and cherries.”  Let me explain.  His view is that the current state of lead generation is dead.  Salespeople in the “Internet world” have relied on leads from marketing which are neither good nor productive.  In his opinion, salespeople need [...]

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There Is No Quick Fix. But Lead Generation Can Get You Off To The Races.

B2B pros should take a step back, breathe deeply and “look at the big picture” to determine the best way to approach lead generation.

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Heat Up Cold Calling with B2B Marketing Analytics

By developing a comprehensive B2B marketing analytics capability, some B2B companies have seen year-over-year market share growth of 30%, sales productivity increases of 50% and business attrition decreases of 40%. Using this approach, cold calling becomes at least warm, if not hot!

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