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Why are Marketing Analytics Like Cracker Jacks?

Marketing analytics offers the same promise as Cracker Jack — chock full of tasty insights plus a free surprise! With marketing analytics, the high maintenance customer is actually the high-value customer! Kudos to Zappos, which saw the “surprise inside” their data and leveraged it for greater brand value.

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Data Goes Primetime.

The world our kids will soon occupy as adults will be using data in smarter and smarter ways. How about cupboards and refrigerators that tell you what you should stock up on as you go grocery shopping? How about medical records that travel with you instead of sitting in a folder in a file cabinet? What if you never had to fill out a financial aid form for your college-bound child because that was already in electronic form with the IRS?

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Predictive Analytics: Use Your Noodle

“Predictive analytics optimizes marketing campaigns and website behavior to increase customer responses, conversions and clicks, and to decrease churn. Each customer’s predictive score informs actions to be taken with that customer — business intelligence just doesn’t get more actionable than that.”

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Multi Channel Marketing Ramps Up!

I am a recent prospect in a successful multichannel, integrated marketing campaign, fueled by a sophisticated data mart that operates in real-time. I was gently nurtured from conception to purchase through multiple channels: phone, print, e-mail, text and social media.

My son, Nick, a rangy 15 year old, admittedly loves skateboarding more than girls. His 3-dimensionally wired brain is constantly designing the next killer skate surface — be it a ramp, stairs, box or rail. Once he has his design firmed up, the next step is to secure funding from an institution that supplies grants to gifted individuals with promising futures.

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Analytics Become Fashionable

No one has popularized the benefits of behavioral analytics more than Google, and within a year of Google Analytics’ launch, many web analytics firms vanished. Anyone, regardless of technical savvy, could track activity on their website easily and for FREE! More and more apps are popping up, attracting droves of users who happily engage, providing mountains of personal preference information in exchange for an opportunity to play. LinkedIn is a fabulous example of how CEOs and students alike share LOTS of important information in exchange for being visible. Even the CEOs know that it’s no longer smart to be invisible or silent on the web.

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“I’m drowning in data, float me some insights!” Let marketing analytics be your life ring!

More and more marketers are using both web activity and offline data to make marketing decisions, and this trend will continue to increase – so there’s more data coming to add to the confusion. Investing in marketing analytics support services will keep you afloat and will also help you set a course and keep on tack as you navigate through the sea of offline and online data.

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