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Chris Dewey

The Web Content Management Maturity Curve

Web content management started as a nearly-exclusive responsibility of IT, the website group, or the agency responsible for digital publishing. Under the optimization phase, marketers are taking a more significant role in the management of content, with 36% taking an active role content authoring. This combined with the growth of the use of WCM to support marketing initiatives, has the marketing function with a significant stake in WCM technologies for the foreseeable future.

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Cloud Computing Berth Is Widening

In recent years, we haven’t thought of Microsoft for their bleeding-edge technology leadership, but few can argue that when they enter a specific market or technology, their influence and credibility is substantial.  Memos and public statements from Microsoft leadership form a timeline that one can connect to substantial investments and changes in the industry.  In [...]

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Security Compliance for HIPAA – Act like a Covered Entity

As HMOs spend more mindshare focusing their organizations toward consumers rather than the employers, they naturally turn to marketing services firms with consumer backgrounds to help design and measure their efforts to have meaningful member engagement Firms that provide marketing services are delivering disciplines in data management, campaign management and analytics that support the strategic goals of the HMO. However, given the sensitive nature of the data related to health care, they have a rigorous set of standards to adhere to.

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Data Modeling Creative License.. And When to Take It.

Many questions circle the heads of Database Architects during the design phase of any database build; especially those that aim to integrate existing data sources into a database to support a direct marketing practice. A solid discovery process answers many of these questions, and usually concentrates on aspects of the data that are self-evident, either from direct analysis or exposure to some level of documentation.

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SaaS Marketing Side-Effect

The total design of campaign management needs to include streaming touch point and response data out of the SaaS marketing applications and into an integrated marketing database. From this context, a broader view of offline data is available to combine with the online experience data, and decisions on how, when, and/or if to communicate next can be made with the best available data. The results of those decisions, as well as the ability to refresh dimensional data, can then originate from the marketing database and update the SaaS applications’ view.

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The Death of the Customer Database?

For many years, firms have let their own intuition about “business value” guide their investment in, and development of, database systems that record their knowledge of their customers’ experiences. Concerns about the accuracy and data quality within these systems have largely been calmed by layers of data governance and good MDM (Master Data Management) practices – especially when a concerted push toward CRM is in play.

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