by Kenyon Blunt

SIGMA Marketing GroupAt SIGMA Marketing Group, our focus has always been a simple one: to turn customer knowledge into revenue opportunities, while expanding customer relationships and brand loyalty.  Browse our web site, and view case studies showcasing how SIGMA successfully unlocks data insights and helps our clients maximize their return on investment.

It’s a philosophy we’ve embraced from the very beginning. First as a marketing consulting firm, and today as a full-service database marketing company for a national client base of Fortune 100 companies. We’ve become an industry leader, not simply because of our expertise in a single area, but through the development of programs and strategies that continually integrate our collective strengths — and that complement the strengths of our clients.

SIGMA Marketing Group

You’ve got questions about your customers, and how to make those relationships more profitable.

  • Why am I losing customers?
  • Which channels should I use?
  • Who are my best customers?
  • Who is most likely to buy and why?
  • Where are my best opportunities to cross-sell?
  • How much should I spend on acquisition?
  • Where can I reduce spend and still get good results?
  • Can I grow using mobile marketing?
  • How can I simplify my multichannel marketing efforts?
  • How do I merge analytics for online offline customer insights?

At SIGMA Marketing Group, we’ve got answers. And we make it our mission to maximize ROI for every client.

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