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Winning With Customers – B2B Playbook Review

Before we can understand how to win with customers, we need to first understand why we lose. Appropriately Chapter 2 of the book is titled “Why we lose” and delves into the six reasons why companies lose. Reason #1, in my view, is the most powerful—We lose because we don’t understand the customer’s perspective. (You’ll need to read the book for the other 5 reasons!)

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The Era of "Big Banks" is Over!

uilding deeper relationships with existing customers through the introduction of additional financial products is not a new concept. However, the big banks are doing a horrible job at developing the one thing that makes cross-selling possible; Customer Advocacy.

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He’s Just Not That Into You: Customer Loyalty

Is your customer, he or she, that “into” the relationship they have with your company? Do they value the relationship? Are their eyes wandering over to your competition at the other table? Why should you care? You should care because if your customers feel a personal connection to your business, then they are far more likely to remain customers and will often be a rich source of referrals. There are two different types of customer loyalty and you need to measure both in order to turn loyalty into revenue.

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