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Become A Student of Social Media

Social media is about engaging. Like it or not it is about giving more than you receive. If you don’t know what your audience wants or how you can help them, then you don’t know what to give. What does that mean? It means that your efforts in social media, internet marketing and probably business in general are going to provide half the return they could if you took the time up front to know your customer, build your plan and execute.

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Let Them Eat… From the Distributed Marketing… Cake!

Distributed marketing is a powerful concept and capability allowing the corporate marketing organization to develop campaigns in support of enterprise business goals, maintain the brand’s images and messaging while enabling a local flavor to the organization’s marketing execution. When I think of Distributed Marketing, a couple things come to mind.

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I love it when the client is RIGHT!

I had created a “sample” email to facilitate discussion, but did not have specific customer information. I had included benefits proving her brand was superior to the competition, and several compelling offers. But since I did not know who my customer was — it was just undirected information. By my doing it wrong, we could launch into a conversation of what kind of analysis needed to take place in order to do it RIGHT!

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Are your customers suffering from email fatigue?

The rapid adoption of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook by the business world has stimulated discussion about the need for more business-facing social software platforms. What are you doing to make sure you are listening where your customers are most likely to be talking?

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