The Sales Optimization Portal: A Critical Tool for Technology Marketers

by Kyle Milko on October 15, 2009

Kyle Milko

Kyle Milko

For years there has been a huge chasm between marketing and sales when it comes to applied analytics.  Marketing typically hired analysts to build predictive models to make direct mail and email programs more effective. But the findings of these models were rarely ever shared with Sales – and they were even more rarely turned into actionable programs for the sales teams.

New Sales Enablement technologies are emerging – Sales Optimization Portals are just beginning to enable sales organizations to access insights, select and prioritize prospects, and prepare pre-call planning with pre-determined sales strategies based on the model output:

  • View territories by key segments and focus on top opportunities within each.
  • View territories by sales strategies.
  • View details about each establishment, including contact data, customer relationship data, product data and service/support data.

Upon logging on to the site, sales reps can view their territory and sales strategy at an establishment level, enabling them to:

  • Target high-value prospects
  • Retain the most valuable customers
  • Expand relationships within their current customer base

The Sales Portal is an information display tool allowing data from multiple sources to be packaged into a single online page view.  The Sales Portal allows sales teams to target prospects based on territory assignment, predictive model scores and critical data intelligence.  The Sales Portal is also used to track sales force performance against business targets.

Finally, the Sales Optimzation Portal is beginning to bridge the chasm between marketing and sales in an actionable way that is delighting sales managers, usually the biggest critics of marketing!

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