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Using data and marketing analytics to define the multichannel marketing mix

Use Analytics to Adapt Quickly to Your Audience’s Changing Preferences
Most marketers would agree that their consumers are now using multiple channels to research, shop and purchase. Offline and online communications are more tightly entwined than ever before. For example, many marketers have known for years how targeted direct marketing and cataloging will drive the right [...]

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Marketing Assessment: Messaging

Building the groundwork for sophisticated multi-segment, multichannel messaging strategies first takes some digging. We often work with clients to understand their level of messaging sophistication with a Five-step Maturity Framework that ranges from basic to sophisticated— we hope to objectively rate where a client’s expertise falls on a scale of 1-5 so we can help build a roadmap for organizational improvement. In this post I’ll review the types of questions we often ask to understand where clients land on the messaging scale and where the biggest opportunity for improvement lies. 20 Questions for Messaging Assessments.

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Creative Enhanced by Marketing Analytics

As a Creative Director, I spent 15 years working at a general agency before dipping my toe into direct marketing. I still believe that brand equity is king, but I’ve been bitten by the “Direct Marketing Bug” and there is no cure. I love the advantage that analytical insights provide when designing creative, and the opportunities they provide for constant improvement.

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Hitting Growth Goals by Targeting Existing Customers

Retention models can identify those customers most likely to leave. Cross-sell models can be used to identify which customers have additional resources to spend, allowing you to get a bigger share of their wallet. Lifetime value models can help you prioritize your efforts on those customers that will be the most profitable over the long haul.

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5 keys to get the most out of your database marketing investments

In today’s rapidly changing world of consumer fragmentation, product proliferation, and evolving marketing channels and technologies, marketers need to carefully assess and take stock of their marketing capabilities before committing to investments in technologies that could hold them back in the years to come. Now more than ever before, consumer-focused companies need to make sure they have a clear plan for capturing valuable customer insights and applying that information with integrated marketing technology.

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The Sales Optimization Portal: A Critical Tool for Technology Marketers

For years there has been a huge chasm between marketing and sales when it comes to applied analytics. Marketing typically hired analysts to build predictive models to make direct mail and email programs more effective. But the findings of these models were rarely ever shared with Sales – and they were even more rarely turned into actionable programs for the sales teams.

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