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Email Marketing Experts Expose All (Well, Great Tips Anyway)

Whether you’ve dabbled in the email marketing space, or you are proven expert, this supplement include page after page of tips and trick, insights and things to think about to make your email campaigns even more successful. I’ve been doing email marketing for years, and recognize that the industry and technologies are always evolving.
Here are some of my favorite snippets form the DMNews Email-Marketing Guide 2010.

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The 7 Features You Must Include in Your B2B Sales Playbook

An effective B2B Sales Playbook can energize your sales team and make them more productive in closing new sales. With a playbook they will have fewer unproductive calls and reduced time spent in pre-call planning efforts. The sales playbook is an important tool that Marketing often uses to provide invaluable marketing information and sales tips.

Sales playbooks exist in many styles and forms, selected are key features that are common to those that are the most successful.

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Your Customer Segments Are on the Move!

Marketers have known for years that it is imperative to understand what customers their product or service appeal to. The fact is many of those traditional, tried and true methods of profiling, enhancing customer information in order to gain a more complete, descriptive view of your customers are still valid today. The challenge we often see, is that the customer, household and market has fragmented and often can render traditional, static segments obsolete. New markets are opening up and old markets are dying.

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American Bankers Association Marketing Conference In Review

A solid multi-channel marketing strategy that is fueled by insightful marketing analytics is one way to address a number of these marketing challenges. We live and market in an “always on” world that puts new requirements on marketers. The consumer is in charge and they have much higher expectations on how they can interact with your organization. One of your objectives should be to deliver a consistent and relevant brand experience across the entire consumer relationship.

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Seven Reasons Why You Should Pick an Analytics and Creative Partner Under One Roof

Seven Reasons Why You Should Pick an Analytics and Creative Partner Under One Roof. The reasons and benefits of having intelligence-based creatively minded analysts working together. Every creative piece is designed to capture more information about your audience to build your database. So, unlike other media, you know what works and what doesn’t. And through testing and retesting, you refine your approach and your message, so you can find ways to improve your results every time out.

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Improving Health Care Member Engagement on the Web with Marketing Analytics.

Many of the nation’s top health insurers and health care organizations are looking to engage members and customers in a more meaningful way using available technologies such as interactive websites and mobile applications. The challenges we find when working with these organizations are that many are not tracking the right engagement information or, even worse, don’t have access to the information in the first place. Most organizations that have robust website will use some sort of web analytics as a component of their interactive offerings, but how are they using this analytic information to improve member engagement and reduce expense?

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What the Grateful Dead Can Teach Us About Consumer Insights and Marketing.

The Grateful Dead created a lasting legacy. You may not like their music, or identify with the culture and period of time when the band was at its high point, but you have to appreciate and admire what they cultivated in terms of followers and passionate fans. So, what does this have to do with marketing insights, targeting and all the other great stuff we talk about in our Fifth Gear Analytics Blog? Well, the book provides some interesting takeaways for those of us interested in consumer insights and using marketing analytics to improve our products and services.

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Is Web Analytics Alone Enough to Understand Your Web Interactions?

We’ve discussed this at length in previous posts… Perhaps the fact that we keep bringing it up my elude to the fact we believe this to be critical to marketing successes in the future. The Web Analytics Association defines web analytics as “…the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage.” From a web design perspective, that’s an appropriate description. However…

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Leverage your groups on linked by sharing blog content and answering questions that your connections may be seeking information to. Groups are an excellent way to uncover prospects who may be in dire need of the services you provide. Groups can also provide some insight into who else is working in the same space you are for the same types of clients.

Cookie Cutter B2B Sales Methodologies Don’t Work.

No sales cycle should ever be looked at from a cookie cutter approach, but this is especially true and examining the B2B sales process. In B2B transactions, there is no way to fully predict the decision making hierarchy, as every organization has a different marketing or purchasing structure with unique buyer types. This can make your B2B marketing messaging a challenge.

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