“I’m drowning in data, float me some insights!” Let marketing analytics be your life ring!

by Barb Cote on November 18, 2009

Barb Cote

Barb Cote

If you feel like you’re drowning in data, then you need to be rescued too! Marketing analytics can help turn raw data into insights that can float your marketing strategies – but you’ll need to find analysts who have both statistical and marketing expertise to make this possible.  Apparently 70% of marketers already agree that they need help  – according to the article “Marketers have data, but unsure what to do with it: Unica study”.

The article states:

“Although marketers collect large amounts of data, they struggle to apply that information to their campaigns, according to a study of global marketers by Unica, an analytics and integrated marketing firm.

“This proliferation of channels is creating a lot of data, but marketers don’t always know what to do with this data,” said Jay Henderson, director of product marketing at Unica. “They have plenty of data and not enough insights, and they struggle to turn them into action.

More and more marketers are using both web activity and offline data to make marketing decisions, and this trend will continue to increase – so there’s more data coming to add to the confusion. Investing in marketing analytics support services will keep you afloat and will also help you set a course and keep on tack as you navigate through the sea of offline and online data. First, look for in-depth profiles of your customers to help you decide the next products they’re likely to buy. Then, take a look at your very best customers and how they behave and purchase differently from the rest. Who buys from each channel? Who responds to each kind of marketing message? As the insights start to build up, how to take action with winning strategies will become clear on the horizon!


DM News Article by Dianna Dilworth

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