Evaluate Your Marketing Campaign With Analytics BEFORE You Launch It. (Part 2 of 2)

by Megan Jasinski on August 20, 2010

Megan Jasinski

Megan Jasinski

In the first of these two posts, we talked about the marketing marathon.  I outlined how to define your business objectives and tap into your Marketing Analytics Coaches before you start the big race.

Now start sharing your objectives and plans with your operational partners – in a kick-off meeting of sorts. The more they know about the big picture and what your main goals are, the better they will be in supporting you to meet your marketing goals. They may even have some insight about how the operational steps in the follow through may impact your strategy (i.e., You have these grandiose ideas of making a super-duper, fire breathing, social media site within 2 weeks. Not going to happen, sorry).  Operational partners are usually the ones to bring marketers down to earth and advise you on the best, most cost-effective method to reach your final business objectives and assist in capturing accurate data to measure the success of your campaign. After consulting your operational partners, update your business requirements and re-distribute to all teams for final approval.

Documentation, Project Plans, and Processes are just as important to a campaign as strategy. Turn to an Account Manager to follow the program execution schedule closely.  An Account Service team is a huge asset in managing your operational partners across multiple channels (email, mail, fulfillment, Web, telemarketing, SMS, mobile, etc.) and keeps an eye on deadlines, budgets and milestones in your campaign’s project plan.

They will escalate any items that will affect the campaign’s launch date and ensure that processes are being followed and documentation is being completed correctly and on time. Don’t have campaign execution rules for processes and documentation in your organization? That’s OK – Account Management teams can create all of this for you, and it will save you money, time and effort when executing future campaigns.

Let’s say your campaign has launched on-schedule and successfully. You have reached the finished line! This is the time to thank your marketing analytics, operational partners and account services coaches for helping you define, plan and execute. Now imagine yourself sitting in your comfy office chair, with your Starbucks coffee, as you review your very own online dashboard which displays your multi-channel campaign results on a daily basis! Your coaches also will be there to help offer best practices, and what you need to work on for your next campaign.

The best part is that as you approach the finish line – you’ll realize the increase in ROI potential! Good thing you already have your processes, people and plans in place so you know how to train for the next race and make it to the finish line…Good Luck!

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Megan Jasinski is an Account Manager with marketing analytics company SIGMA Marketing Group.  Connect with Megan on .

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