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Improving Health Care Member Engagement on the Web with Marketing Analytics.

Many of the nation’s top health insurers and health care organizations are looking to engage members and customers in a more meaningful way using available technologies such as interactive websites and mobile applications. The challenges we find when working with these organizations are that many are not tracking the right engagement information or, even worse, don’t have access to the information in the first place. Most organizations that have robust website will use some sort of web analytics as a component of their interactive offerings, but how are they using this analytic information to improve member engagement and reduce expense?

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Is Web Analytics Alone Enough to Understand Your Web Interactions?

We’ve discussed this at length in previous posts… Perhaps the fact that we keep bringing it up my elude to the fact we believe this to be critical to marketing successes in the future. The Web Analytics Association defines web analytics as “…the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage.” From a web design perspective, that’s an appropriate description. However…

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Leverage your groups on linked by sharing blog content and answering questions that your connections may be seeking information to. Groups are an excellent way to uncover prospects who may be in dire need of the services you provide. Groups can also provide some insight into who else is working in the same space you are for the same types of clients.

Using Analytics to Drive Your Tweet Strategy

But even smarter than that – use your Web analytics to help you further define your microblogging strategy. Find out what keyterms are converting on your Web site and/or blog. Uncover which pages are generating the most leads and tap into those by building links through your microblogging activity. Monitor which Tweeters are sending traffic to your Web site or blog and through which keywords. Develop your strategies around your top influencers and top performing keywords.

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Web Analytics 2.0 – It’s Not All About the Web.

By now, most marketers have embraced the digital channel and the fact that a majority of consumers are spending a significant amount of time playing, researching, transacting and communicating on the web. According to Advertising Age’s 2010 Digital Market Facts (Feb 22, 2010), Internet spending as a percent of all U.S. marketing spend is estimated to be over 20% by 2012.

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How Complex Is Your Communications Landscape?

The market will continue to invent new ways to communicate and, therefore, new channels for marketing to master. The flexibility of a multi-channel tool to adapt to new channels will be a key factor in the success or failure of marketing initiatives as the communication landscape continues to evolve.

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Web Analytics Opt-out: Is It the Beginning of the End of Web Analytics?

When Google announced on their blog that they were releasing a browser add-on that gives web surfers the choice to opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics, a few confused marketers commented that they thought this would lead to the end of Google Analytics as we know it.

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Should You Listen When Choosing a Listening Platform?

We’ve come a long way from the traditional clipping services. Social listening platforms are on the rise, and continue to improve and evolve. To purchase a solution based solely on price tag and other user’s opinions of the tool would be foolish. Remember that while other users are getting exactly what they might need out of one solutions, their needs may greatly differ from yours.

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Ruthless Environment Requires New Ways to Attract & Retain Customers.

The future of customer intelligence is going to be built on web analytics and how we use and share information. To optimize your multichannel strategies and develop the most comprehensive view of your customer, let web analytics drive your customer intelligence.

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A Hyper Digital World Still Leads to Offline Cash Register Sales.

Just as web analytics grew from measuring hits to ever more sophisticated metrics, the ability to escape the world of hits is now the Holy Grail, to attribute that online activity blanketing the world in ones and zeroes with the actual individual souls who make the decisions with human interactions using complex and intricate data management practices aligning digital channels of all stripes with offline – dare one say, real-world experiences.

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