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Lead Generation

There Is No Quick Fix. But Lead Generation Can Get You Off To The Races.

B2B pros should take a step back, breathe deeply and “look at the big picture” to determine the best way to approach lead generation.

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Heat Up Cold Calling with B2B Marketing Analytics

By developing a comprehensive B2B marketing analytics capability, some B2B companies have seen year-over-year market share growth of 30%, sales productivity increases of 50% and business attrition decreases of 40%. Using this approach, cold calling becomes at least warm, if not hot!

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Let Them Eat… From the Distributed Marketing… Cake!

Distributed marketing is a powerful concept and capability allowing the corporate marketing organization to develop campaigns in support of enterprise business goals, maintain the brand’s images and messaging while enabling a local flavor to the organization’s marketing execution. When I think of Distributed Marketing, a couple things come to mind.

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Great Advertising for Next to Nothin'

Hasbro has launched an inventive new campaign for its NERF Brand that invites NERF owners to create and submit films of themselves using NERF products.

The Battle of the Ads is a web-based contest that includes social media, email marketing, and user-generated video.

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World class sales? Where is marketing?

“Sales and Marketing” are often coined together in phrases and discussions, yet too often there is a disconnect with the value that marketing can and should provide to sales. Let’s get on the same page; maybe it starts with the elements that make up a world class sales AND marketing organization.

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Marketing analytics impact on B2B nurturing

According to the Webster Dictionary, “nurturing” is the act of furthering the development of someone or something. In the B2B world, selling opportunities need to be developed over some period of time. Marketing analytics play a critical role over that period of time. They’re critical in what you are nurturing and how you are going about it.

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Identifying decision makers enhances marketing analytics

A key to any sales effort is to identify the decision makers, influencers and recommenders and convince them that your products and services are needed to drive the business value they are striving for — whether it is efficiency, revenue generation, cost take-out, market share, etc. But, it often take weeks or months to determine the real decision-making process and its participants. Your effort up front to gather as much information about the company as you can and to go further to identify the decision makers will make your marketing analytics smarter and your sales efforts more effective.

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The New Revenue Engine and the role of Marketing Analytics

The old revenue engine is focused on the sales team. When companies want to double revenue, they double their sales force. In the past, this model worked. Information that prospects wanted was not readily available with just a few clicks, so prospects were willing to speak with a sales rep to get it. But things change. Recent years have highlighted the flaws of the old revenue machine. This post reviews those flaws.

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Multi Channel Marketing Ramps Up!

I am a recent prospect in a successful multichannel, integrated marketing campaign, fueled by a sophisticated data mart that operates in real-time. I was gently nurtured from conception to purchase through multiple channels: phone, print, e-mail, text and social media.

My son, Nick, a rangy 15 year old, admittedly loves skateboarding more than girls. His 3-dimensionally wired brain is constantly designing the next killer skate surface — be it a ramp, stairs, box or rail. Once he has his design firmed up, the next step is to secure funding from an institution that supplies grants to gifted individuals with promising futures.

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Creative Enhanced by Marketing Analytics

As a Creative Director, I spent 15 years working at a general agency before dipping my toe into direct marketing. I still believe that brand equity is king, but I’ve been bitten by the “Direct Marketing Bug” and there is no cure. I love the advantage that analytical insights provide when designing creative, and the opportunities they provide for constant improvement.

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