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David Penz

5 Steps to Clean up Your Marketing Campaigns With Old Spice Body Wash.

The Internet is buzzing about Old Spice’s new viral video campaign. Many marketers view this as a great social media success story, but as Augie Ray at Forrester pointed out, there are as much if not more lessons to be learned about marketing in general. Here are 5 steps any marketer can take to apply lessons learned from Old Spice’s success to their campaigns:

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Web Analytics Opt-out: Is It the Beginning of the End of Web Analytics?

When Google announced on their blog that they were releasing a browser add-on that gives web surfers the choice to opt-out of being tracked by Google Analytics, a few confused marketers commented that they thought this would lead to the end of Google Analytics as we know it.

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Google: Planting the Seeds of a Marketing Revolution

By positioning itself as a leader in the next marketing revolution, where the lines between the online and offline and the various forms of media blur into one integrated consumer experience, Google is both protecting its future as well as enabling its advertisers to take part in the revolution on its platform.

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