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Andrew Lucyszyn

Web Analytics: Understanding the Real Value of Online Conversions.

Nobody loves numbers more than your boss. Except his or her boss. Oh, and your boss’s boss too, unless you’ve already reached the top of the totem pole. Web analytics tools are at their most powerful when you can interpret and integrate the numbers they provide—the rapturous layers of percentages and pie charts—with what happens in the context of your organization’s business, outside the world of site visitor data. Did you get all that? In two recent SIGMA web analytics engagements, the key to the findings wasn’t was happening on page 27 of the site, or who was coming from Google. The key was to find the magic number—the value of what the online conversion or successful engagement meant to the company.

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Web Analytics + Customer Voice = 20/20 Vision.

In the age of tweeting of every customer’s every impulse, and the power of exquisite multivariate tests generating thousands of permutations, there is no shortage of data inputs that can drive a business’s reactions to, well, nearly everything.

Web analytics is a balance of a number of different disciplines, but unlike a #16 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament, it’s never one-and-done. A recent web analytics engagement put the spotlight on an outcome when the results of multivariate testing conflicted with what came next.

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A Hyper Digital World Still Leads to Offline Cash Register Sales.

Just as web analytics grew from measuring hits to ever more sophisticated metrics, the ability to escape the world of hits is now the Holy Grail, to attribute that online activity blanketing the world in ones and zeroes with the actual individual souls who make the decisions with human interactions using complex and intricate data management practices aligning digital channels of all stripes with offline – dare one say, real-world experiences.

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