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by MarthaBush on April 5, 2010

Martha Bush

The idea of using an assessment framework to understand the maturity of an organization’s functional areas is as old as time — and it forms the foundation of most consulting firms’ practice.  It’s often a wonderful way to get to know a new client, and a good way for them to get to know how you might approach their business. The outcome is often a fast-start project opportunity where everyone can win with a new relationship quickly.

By conducting an Assessment to understand the level of activity and sophistication of a client’s database marketing operation, we of course also try to identify areas where SIGMA’s services could add value or bring best practices into the organization. But usually, we also identify many areas where a client can improve their processes with completely internal resources.

By using a five-point scale in each of five areas, we can compare organizations with all the others we’ve worked with over time. Our five focus areas include:

  1. Data Management
  2. Targeting and Analytics
  3. Campaign Management
  4. Messaging
  5. Marketing Technology

We are often asked – what are you trying to learn about during these assessment exercises? We thought it might be helpful to share in this blog the types of questions we ask in each of these focused database marketing practice areas.  In the upcoming posts I’ll detail the types of questions we look to answer, so our readers can think about how they might assess themselves and their organizations.

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